The Best All-In-One Integrated Workforce Camp Management System

Decrease risk of illness due to food contamination or pest borne infection

Make the reservation process much quicker and easier

Make it easy to allocate employees to the correct rooms / blocks based on Nationality, Company, Role etc

Accurately forecast meal requirements

Simplify House Keeping and Room Cleaning

Real-time POB summaries and reporting

Manage security within the camp (integration with your access control system)

Increase worker satisfaction levels

Reduce Costs

As a Camp Manager you want to run an efficient operation. You want to ensure that your workforce are healthy and happy. You want to ensure that the high standards you put in place are consistent throughout the camp management team from chefs through to house keepers. At the same time you want to reduce red tape, maximise utilisation of beds, minimize wastage and food costs and improve efficiency throughout the camp.

iCamp is a new type of Camp Management solution that provides real-time, accurate and integrated information to camp managers such as POB Summaries and food costs.

iCamp reduces risk and provides peace of mind that all checks are carried out properly and on time reducing the risk of food borne illness or other hazards.

iCamp makes it much easier for the Camp Management team to manage Reservations, Room Allocations, Forecasting, Housekeeping. It also helps to track the items in each room and throughout the camp and manage complaints, maintenance tasks and scheduled maintenance.

Accommodation Management      

Food Safety Management      

Check List Management      

Camp Managers Asset Tracking      

Camp Maintenance Management      

Our solutions are unique for the Oil, Gas, Construction and Mining Industries.
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